Event marketing has proven itself as a unique marketing tool, provided that it is used correctly and executed perfectly. The marketing mix contains a number of tools to implement the marketing strategy, but to really reach the target group, event marketing is perhaps the best tool.

The Eventarchitect has the knowledge to place an event in your marketing mix so that ultimately better results will be achieved and your customer contact will be improved. Only when someone is really touched  the desired message will come across and stick with the use of event marketing.

Live communication

To connect with your audience you can use many communicationtools. It is very important that your message reaches the target.

The best message is when the senses are stimulated and the recipient is emotionally touched. Internal and external relationship meetings are a way to communicate with your audience.

The Eventarchitect knows how to convey this message in a correct way with Live communication!

Conference management

Knowledge transfer and space for knowledge exchange is central to conferences. The circumstances must therefore be optimal to achieve these goals.

As a full service Professional Congress Organizer (PCO), the Eventarchitect can offer you full support in the organisation of a conference, trade fair or symposium..

Incentive travel 2.0

An event where boundaries are shifted, new impressions are gained and will be engraved in the memory for a long time. Strengthen the relationship in a special way or achieve a (strategic) goal.

The new generation of incentive trips requires more attention from the organiser. Who is really the target group and how is this target group affected? What about the ROI? Can we achieve our goal? Just a few questions that will be answered with the incentive trips 2.0.

We organize incentive trips ‘tailor-made’ at home and abroad, for large and small organisations. These are also personnel trips or jubilee trips.

We have won the prestigious ‘Chrystal award’ two times: for the best incentive in Asia and Africa and Europe. This award is issued by the worldwide Association Site.

Study trips 2.0

Acquiring knowledge and skills are essential building blocks for performing a profession. The basis for this is already laid during the training. During study trips 2.0, this knowledge is added and experienced in a special way. In addition, study trips 2.0 are an effective way to broaden your view, to orient yourself and to look for new ideas and other possibilities.

Like no other, we know how to organise a successful study trip. Through experience and direct contacts with various parties that are essential in the Netherlands and abroad, we can provide tailor-made solutions tailored to the discipline at low budget prices. This allows us to actually give the programme the desired content. We therefore call this the second generation of study trips: 2.0

In addition, the people behind the Eventarchitect have experience in teaching and we know what is going on among teachers and students. The ‘feeling’ that we have with education certainly offers an advantage in completing the study travel programme.

For example, we organised various study trips for schools, colleges, universities, but also business clubs and trade associations. We organised these trips inside and outside Europe. We have the right contacts with different locations within and outside Europe to plan the study trips as efficiently as possible.


In a successful event, it is important that a good concept is at the heart of it.

As a concept developer, the Eventarchitect knows how to perfectly translate this into practice. Because the event is often a one-off event, it has to be done right away.

As a project manager, we can organize your event so that you do not have to worry about it.