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Festive eating, drinking and the right ambiance are aspects that are of great importance for the success of your party or event.

The Party & Event Architect can ensure the perfect interpretation of your catering requirements. Whether it is a home party, private party, business meeting or a big party.

Together with you we give shape to your wishes for groups of 10 to more than 750 people


Rooms flourish when there is a sophisticated interplay between the components present. A well thought-out decoration plan will increase the atmosphere even more.

When there has to be more than the functional meaning of sitting, standing and meeting, our architects get to work with their sense of material and spaces.

Your guests will look at the creative interpretation of decoration with admiration.


Entertainment is almost always possible to implement at an event.

With a sophisticated entertainment package it is possible to surprise, inform and entertain the guests.

In our vision it is important that there is a good balance between the entertainment and the other parts of your event.


We compare a good venue with your personal clothing: It should not be too big or too small, it should suit you and especially sit comfortable so you feel at ease.

The Party & Event Architect will, with the choice of a venue, also take into account aspects such as emotional elements, atmosphere, originality and appearance.

Eventually the venue will fit perfectly for your event whether it is a ‘fixed’ venue, own location or a flexible location.