Can you compare an event with a building?

An architect is, just as an event organizer,  creative, open minded and focused on the ultimate goal: ‘satisfying the customer to the level that he/she will always remember the work the architect did.’

An unique design and professional approach ensures the perfect execution and helps to achieve this ultimate goal. 

We are like the architect described above! We are the eventarchitect and with more than 20 years of experience in creating events by using our knowledge, talent and qualities, we master the art of creating!


We create

Happy faces

Everyone loves to see happy faces. So do we! One of our goals is to make everyone involved in the events we create more than happy and put a big smile on their face.

We feel proud when we see visitors leave our events with happy faces, but also want our suppliers and ourselves to leave the event with a smile.


the art of creating transparent black

Loyal customers

Loyal customers are the customers you prefer. Not only do you have a close bond with them, but they also tend to be the most profitable customers!

Live communication through an event could be your golden ticket to loyal customers. By having a memorable experience together you could build friendships for life and thus increase the customers lifetime value.

In recent years we had the honour to create some friendships with returning customers by creating high quality events for them.

Unique moments

Do you remember a unique and nice moment from 10 years ago? Probably this was something that will keep in your mind the rest of your life.

As an event architect we know how to create such unique moments for you. No standards, but only tailor made events.

To make unique moments we create company events, incentives, marketing events, conferences and almost all other event options you could think of.



Teamspirit increases the productivity and loyalty of employees. This can be one way to cut costs on the long run due to the fact that turnover rates could be lowered.

A teamspirit event has the aim to create a change in behaviour, cooperation and thinking and to increase the employee’s motivation.

We are architects of events that will boost the teamspirit and motivation of your employees and create a company culture in which employees feel home and welcome!

Perfect atmosphere

Our decorators can be seen as interior architects. We adapt the decoration to the environment, location and the goals of the event.

Not only decoration is important to create a perfect atmosphere. Other components such as lighting, temperature, safety, scent and music need to be implemented too.

We are there to help you create the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests.  

Are you ready for the perfect atmosphere?



One of our goals is to achieve goals with interactivity. Interactive programs stay in memory longer and have a positive influence on people. Ultimately it is important to experience something beautiful together. Formal or informal.

Are you ready for a good interactivity program?

your brand

Sometimes it is important to remove a brand or companyname from a sleeping image.
By deploying an event around your brand, it is possible to communicate in a unique way with your target group and audience.

We create an event around your brand or companyname by using all our professional knowledge and creativity and give your brand or companyname a new life.

Are you ready to wake up?



FEA home2



Sharing knowledge is central to us. Both in the events that we create for our customers and within our own organisation.

We regularly go out as a consultant for a client or even share our knowledge with students all over the world.

We also create events as conferences and meetings where you can share knowledge.

Have a look at our virtual solutions.

about us

We are passionate about our profession and the customer notices that.

In recent years (more than 20 years now) we have been able to make many customers happy. The proof is that from the start we have a number of loyal customers who regularly come back to us to have us create a great event. 

We are also member of the eventarchitect-group, a group of eventagencies worldwide, where we share our knowledge, ideas and work together.


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