Study tours 2.0


Acquire knowledge and skills are essential building blocks for performing a profession. Of these, the foundation is already laid during the training. During a study tour 2.0 this knowledge is added in a particular way. In addition, study tours are an effective way to expand your horizons, get your bearings and to look for new ideas and other possibilities.

Like no other, we know how to organize a successful study tour. Through experience and direct contacts with various parties that are essential in our country but also abroad, we can provide custom tailored study tours at low budget prices. This allows us to give the desired content to the program. We therefore call this the second generation study tours: 2.0

In addition, the people behind the Party- and Eventarchitect have also teaching experience and so we know what is important to teachers and students. The ‘feeling’ we have with education programs certainly provides an advantage at the completion of the study program.

So we organized several study tours for schools, colleges, universities, but also businessclubs and associations. These trips we organized within Europe and beyond.